Most people have a 🥂 to activate their Lover archetype.

Most people have a 🥂 to activate their Lover archetype. Lightheaded cheerfulness and joy are what they are after.

Most men drink or chase women to experience this feminine energy, as they haven’t learned to activate their lover archetype.

You see, the lover archetype is energy. It’s the spark that keeps us youthful and vibrant.

It’s not about following a strict diet or using expensive creams. It’s about tapping into this energy and allowing it to flow within us.

When your lover archetype is activated, it radiates from within and makes you appear younger than your age. It’s a powerful force that can’t be faked or imitated.

So, to hack the system and stay youthful, you need to activate your lover archetype.

To build a true feeling of self-worth, the Lover needs to learn to feel good about themselves without needing the validation of others.

Alina Polner

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