Meet Alina

I am a trained lawyer with a distinguished career in various financial institutions. This experience enhanced and shaped my professional attitude. Neither lawyer nor coach could bring their personality to the case. Set of personal skills, the personal touch – yes, but inner demons are not allowed. 

After living and working in various countries (Russia, Southeast Asia, Central Europe, UK) I have learned various cultures, religions, languages, traditions.

Psychology as a profession requires inner maturity,individual experience, empathy and autonomy. I devoted hundreds of hours to my own psychotherapy prior to becoming a psychologist and coach. 

I have learned from the best experts and organisations. Now supporting their current work with my research and experience. 

The success of the therapy highly depends on the trust with the therapist . I help my clients to release their anxieties, figure out the inner conflicts, develop new coping mechanisms and start living their life to its full potential. That requires me to deliver non-commoditized solutions, highly personalised therapy or coaching, which wouldn’t be possible without deep knowledge in psychology, nutrition, neurochemistry, biology, sexology, and physiology. 

Sometimes even champions can’t avoid addictions, which eventually derails them. I help them to get back on track.   

Being a mother of 3 children, loving and beloved wife and a businesswomen I know what it truly takes to have a harmonious, abundant and vivid family life.



Discover the high life

For the client, interaction with me is an opportunity to say what is on their mind. to express themselves more fully and sometimes even in totally unique ways, more broadly and deeply than they could have otherwise. By remaining impartial and objective, I am always on the client’s side and help them to find the best way out of the situation they find themselves in.
But the choice of a solution always remains the natural prerogative of the client.

I equip my clients with a clear sense of purpose and meaning, confidence and autonomy.
The beautiful soul needs a beautiful body. The transformation will lead you to a healthy, longevity lifestyle full of energy, success,great sex,creativity,fun and joy.I work differently with everyone, simply because everyone I work with is different. I don’t follow any templates, every time I design a completely bespoke, perfectly fitted programme for the person in front of me.

Throughout the session, the client will get a clear insight into how both parties can work together.
After the very first consultation, you will feel lighter and clearer about the future that lies ahead
Confidentiality is the must.

-Alina Polner



About the high life

The high-life method is based on psychological growth. The feeling of guilt and shame is so deep a burden on us, so we get triggered without even realising the triggers.

With time and research, I eventually created the High-Life Method as a path for anyone looking for a meaningful, and satisfying way to enjoy life, which is ultimately luxury lifestyle, but is available to anyone.

The High-Life Method works in concert with your lifestyle to help you create a life of natural highs. You’ll notice an increase in your overall health and well-being, while also feeling more fulfilled, productive, and connected with those around you.

The high-life method is all about bringing your own personal kind of “high” into your life, whatever that may be. So go on! Take your own adventure and find out what brings out the best in you.

-Alina Polner

Ethics and Principles

There is no such thing as a hopeless situation:

You always have a choice.

Only in your unconscious mind is there a full picture of

What is really happening with you.

There are times when the unconscious mind has more of

An impact on our actions than our conscious mind does.

If you are afraid of something or in denial about something,

That is exactly what will constantly keep coming into your life.

You can always work on your unconscious mind,

"Strike a bargain" with it and fundamentally change EVERYTHING.