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21 Days Manifesting Challenge

After 10 years of experiments, academic degrees, and deep research in psychology and neuroscience, I can confidently tell you that manifesting has a lot more to do with these fields than with magical thinking.

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You can't go to future without the analysis of your past. My transformational method is designed to radically transform your life, or certain areas of it. Rather than just adding value to it.

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The High Life Woman Masterclass

A 3-hour archetypes unpacking consultation with me will help you redefine and redesign your life. Archetypes are powerful symbols that speak to us on a subconscious level. They influence our life daily.

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Archetypal Branding, Corporate & Personal

Unlock the untapped potential of your brand by understanding the profound influence of archetypes. Transform your business with insights that resonate deeply with your audience. Elevate your brand identity today.

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About Me

I am a trained lawyer with a distinguished career in various financial institutions. This experience enhanced and shaped my professional attitude. Neither lawyer nor coach could bring their personality to the case. Set of personal skills, the personal touch – yes, but inner demons are not allowed. 

After living and working in various countries (Russia, Southeast Asia, Central Europe, UK) I have learned various cultures, religions, languages, traditions.

Psychology as a profession requires inner maturity,individual experience, empathy and autonomy. I devoted hundreds of hours to my own psychotherapy prior to becoming a psychologist and coach. 

I have learned from the best experts and organisations. Now supporting their current work with my research and experience. 

The success of the therapy highly depends on the trust with the therapist . I help my clients to release their anxieties, figure out the inner conflicts, develop new coping mechanisms and start living their life to its full potential. That requires me to deliver non-commoditized solutions, highly personalised therapy or coaching, which wouldn’t be possible without deep knowledge in psychology, nutrition, neurochemistry, biology, sexology, and physiology. 

Sometimes even champions can’t avoid addictions, which eventually derails them. I help them to get back on track.   

Being a mother of 3 children, loving and beloved wife and a businesswomen I know what it truly takes to have a harmonious, abundant and vivid family life.

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Life Styled Manifesting Your Archetype Lookbook

Are you tired of feeling stuck and inauthentic? Do you want to discover and embody your true self?

Introducing the Archetypes Lookbook – 12 lifestyle visuals designed to activate your inner archetypes and help you become your most authentic self.

From the adventurous Explorer to the sophisticated Ruler, we have curated a collection of clothes, accessories, and locations that embody each archetype’s unique style.

Activate your archetypes and unlock your true potential with the Archetypes Lookbook.

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My Method

My transformational method is designed to radically transform your life, or certain areas of it. Rather than just adding value to it.
I want you to have a clear vision of your current situation, the reality, your true motives and inner thoughts.
You can’t go to the future without the analysis of your past.

When past experience and patterns become conscious my clients choose to stop playing same old games, they give up on their addictions, make the best choices and find great limitless sources for intrinsic motivation.

As an anxiety expert, I support my clients in this field too. In modern life, anxiety has become the number 1 motivation for achieving goals.
Driven by fear you might go far but not for long. Extrinsic motivation such as sex, money, fame etc will give you energy to achieve but will take your happiness, fun and life from you, burned out / depressed, tired / fed up with life, addicted and lonely.

I will support you at all times in whatever it takes for you to get exactly what you need and want the most.
I can’t help everyone, my clients choose me intuitively and with never any regret.
If you are an achiever, love life, ready to assess your past and ambitious enough for a limitless future.
I am your Coach.

Alina Polner.
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Archetypes are powerful symbols that speak to us on a subconscious level. They influence our thoughts and behaviour and even the way we perceive others.
From marketing to character development in movies, archetypes play a crucial role in how we communicate and understand the world.
You see, each of us has a unique combination of archetypes within us that make up our personality.
Have you ever wondered why you act in a certain way or why you’re drawn to specific activities or people, places, clothes, experiences, or items?
It’s because within each of us lies a combination of archetypes that make up our unique personalities.
These archetypes manifest in our daily lives, often without us even realising it. However, as we grow up, our childhood conditioning can send some of these archetypes into our shadow, causing us to use them in negative ways – shadow.
Have you ever noticed some people who just didn’t seem to fit with their own personality?
Their style and clothing may be trendy and fashionable, but there’s something off about their character. It’s almost as if they’re faking it.
That’s because they are not in tune with their archetypes.
I have created my own method of working with archetypes and energies based on science, Carl Jung’s work and analytical psychology, my personal experience and testosterone theory.
Get in touch today, and together we can begin the steps into unlocking your potential.

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Alina Polner

We often hear the phrase “how you do one thing is how you do everything,” but have you considered how profoundly this applies to your relationship with money? The way you handle finances reflects your core beliefs and patterns that underly all areas of life.


Archetypes & Brand Building

So, why is it important to understand archetypes when it comes to building a brand? Because knowing your target audience’s dominant archetypes can help you create a brand that resonates with them on a deeper level. It goes beyond demographics and psychographics; it taps into their deep-rooted desires, both conscious and unconscious. Think about it – when was the last time you were drawn to a brand based on how it made you feel? When a brand speaks to your soul, you are more likely to engage and form a loyal connection with it. And this is precisely what understanding archetypes can do for your brand.

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