The High Life Woman Masterclass (Group)

Rediscover Your True Nature
Are you constantly pushing yourself, never feeling good enough?
Our fast-paced world feeds unrealistic expectations, but true satisfaction comes from listening to your inner wisdom.
This life-changing masterclass helps you tune into the energetic blueprint you were born with. Discover if you have a more feminine or masculine essence and whether you’re a high or low testosterone type.
You’ll learn to fully embrace your unique archetypal nature through simple exercises, lifestyle adjustments, and style tips. Determine your definition of success and the right partner or business path for you.
Wave goodbye to that constant inner conflict. Those yearning for more passion will reignite their spark by owning their true feminine or masculine energy.
No more battling against your biology – start flowing with it instead. When you unapologetically live this way, empowerment and contentment will naturally arise.
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Event Details

Date: 1st July

Time: 10 AM – 1PM

Location: 22 Brook St, London W1K 5DF