Witness the Success

Antonio Male, 40s, high-powered finance career, Type A personality

Archetype Intervention: After years of operating solely from his Ruler archetype, this client was experiencing excessive stress, burnout and a lack of work-life balance. Alina helped him connect to his repressed Explorer archetype as an outlet for freedom and fresh perspective. She guided him to incorporate more adventures, travel and self-discovery into his life. This archetypal balance renewed his passion for his career while preventing continual exhaustion.

Results: Left his pressure-cooker corporate job for an entrepreneurial opportunity Took impulsive bucket-list trips annually to reset and explore the world Reported markedly higher life satisfaction and motivation day-to-day

Marie Female, early 20s, struggling with self-worth and authenticity

Archetype Intervention: Despite her platform’s success, this client was miserable – lacking confidence in herself beyond her perfectly curated online persona. Alina had her explore her core Jester and Innocent archetypes, which brought forth her playful, joyful and unguarded true nature. She dressed and created content that embodied these uplifting archetypal energies.

Results: Developed a more relatable, beloved presence that grew her following exponentially Let go of toxic comparisons and self-criticism that had inhibited her Found fulfilment in using her platform to spread positivity from the heart

James Male, 30s, multitalented artist feeling uninspired and stuck

Archetype Intervention: This client richly embodied the Creator, Magician and Rebel archetypes but had been suppressing them under conventional societal expectations. Alina helped him craft an individualistic archetype “spirit guide” that blended these into a striking, transformative persona. He overhauled his look, home and practices to realign with his truth.

Results: Experienced an explosive renaissance in his artistic passion and output Attracted a surge of commissions that allowed him to monetise his gifts Developed a compelling personal brand that evolved his career exponentially

Emily Female, late 40s, feeling drained and disconnected from her purpose

Archetype Intervention: Despite being a devoted wife and mother, this client’s omnipresent Caregiver role had depleted her identity beyond that. Alina guided her to rekindle the untapped Sage and Ruler archetypes lying dormant within. She began consciously nurturing these intellectual and leadership qualities through education, mentorship and feminine empowerment initiatives.

Results: Rediscovered her sense of sovereignty and confidence outside household duties Earned a rewarding executive role that allowed her to flourish personally Rekindled ambitions and sharpened skills she had neglected for years