Discover Your Archetype

Are you looking to discover your true nature and understand what makes you unique? Look no further, because today I have a quiz that will help you do just that. That’s right, get ready to uncover your core archetypes.

Now, before we dive into the quiz, let me explain what an archetype is.

Archetypes are patterns of behaviour, personality traits and characteristics that make up a person’s identity. These archetypes are present in all of us, but to varying degrees. By identifying your core archetypes, you can tap into your strengths and understand yourself better. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the 21 question quiz.

Let’s get you started.
Remember to choose the top three options for each question. And don’t worry, there are no wrong answers. This is just a tool to help you understand yourself better.

1) The career I'm most attracted to are:
2) The personal development activities I put the most effort into are:
3) The hobby I enjoy the most is:
4) The style I would choose for my dream house is:
5) The car I would choose to buy for everyday use is:
6) My favourite piece of clothing to relax in after work is:
7) The party I'm most excited to go to has a theme about:
8) The social issue I care most about is:
9) The item I'm most likely to collect without thinking is:
10) In my free time, I most look forward to:
11) At a restaurant, my favourite meal combo is usually:
12) When I'm stuck waiting unexpectedly, I naturally reach for:
13) The era I feel most connected to in terms of style is known for:
14) My ideal mentee needs the most help with how to:
15) My favourite artists for inspiration are:
16) If chosen as a global leader, my first three decisions would be:
17) My favourite reading topics and symbols include:
18) Which one describes you the most?
19) What are your greatest strength?
20) Which one describes you the most?
21) What are your biggest fears?

    Thank you for participating in the quiz

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