Embrace the Lover Archetype

What do Chanel, Dior and Celine have in common?

These brands embody the Lover archetype.

They go beyond just selling a product; they sell a lifestyle, a sense of belonging and a new identity.

They tap into the unconscious desires of their audience, knowing that people are willing to pay more for the fulfilment that comes with the Lover archetype.

It is not just about being beautiful but understanding the values behind this archetype that makes these luxury brands successful.

When you activate the “Lover” archetype, you are tapping into the power of emotions. You are making your product (You) or style desirable, irresistible, and sought after.

You can mix the lover archetype with your other unique archetypes to achieve an authentic style.

Like with brands, you can do your archetypal rebranding to ensure you live your best, magnificent and authentic life.

Alina Polner

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